Shaping the future

Celebrating Meizu's 15th anniversary, the Meizu 15-series reflects our fundamentals—stunning design, components of the highest quality, and a pursuit of perfection. Without sacrificing the front fingerprint sensor, the Meizu 15-series achieves an extraordinary screen-to-body ratio. Night shots become a breeze, and the new haptic feedback system of the Meizu 15-series will change the way you experience your smartphone forever. Combined with a powerful processor and the upgraded Flyme 7, the all-new Meizu 15-series is the complete package.
Meet 15. This is how we shape the future.


Ultra-large image sensor
ultra-wide aperture A leap in low-light photography

Mobile photography has developed quickly, but shooting in low-light scenes always remained difficult. Until now. The Meizu 15-series comes packed with all that is needed to take the perfect night shot. Using the highest quality camera components, in combination with software algorithms to enhance photo quality in low-light, the Meizu 15-series marks a new era in mobile photography.

12MP+20MP Wide-angle lens Long-focus lens
1.55μm Large pixels
ƒ/1.8 Wide aperture
1/2.3 inch Large image sensor
Multi-frame noise reduction +HDR Powered by Arcsoft

20-megapixel dual-camera

The Sony IMX380 features 1.55μm large pixels and a wide aperture of ƒ/1.8. Along with its OIS and ArcSoft multi-frame noise reduction features, the Sony IMX380 boasts an image sensor of 1/2.3-inch. Hit the shutter button and give it a go.

Up to 3 times lossless zoom

The Meizu 15-series supports up to 3 times lossless zoom and 8 times digital zoom through its wide-angle and long-focus lenses. Capture every moment, even those that would usually be outside of your smartphone's reach.

Selfie camera
20-megapixel and AI-powered

The Meizu 15-series sports a 20-megapixel front camera. With the help of AI technology, your photos can be improved based on age, gender, and various other factors—all intelligently identified.

Design and experience

Classic evolution

Pursuing game-changing innovations or maintaining our traditions? The Meizu 15-series does both. Meizu's classic style, as well as cutting-edge technology can be found in the Meizu 15-series. Feast your eyes on the Meizu design language, while enjoying all the new features and improved details. A better experience all-around.

A one-of-a-kind display

How can we offer the best user experience in the era of edge-to-edge smartphones? We're using a custom-made Super AMOLED display from Samsung that allowed us to shrink the bezel to a mere 1.175mm. Not only does it increase the device's screen estate, but it also limits the phone's width to just 72mm. As a result, the Meizu 15-series feels perfect in your hand. We didn't sacrifice our front fingerprint sensor and home button, allowing us to offer you the features you're familiar with.

Ingenious design

Using a special manufacturing process, we combined surgical stainless steel and aluminum alloyii to create the body of the Meizu 15-series, providing an improved metal feel and a lightweight, comfortable grip.

Raise to wake

The Meizu 15-series supports facial recognition.
The new raise to wake feature simplifies the unlocking process
and speeds it up to a mere 0.1siii. Unlocking your phone is as simple as picking it up.
From now on, your face is your password.

Haptic engine

New interactive experience for edge-to-edge displays

As physical buttons gradually disappear from phones, we have to figure out how we can improve virtual buttons. The Meizu 15-series comes with a precisely calibrated built-in haptic engine, which simulates the feeling of pressing a physical button based on various levels of haptic feedback effects, designed for over 40 scenarios. We've also embedded individual pressure sensors into the circular home button. Tap to go back and press to return to the home screen—just like you're used to.

Exynos 8895 & Snapdragon 660

Breathtaking performance

The Meizu 15 Plus is equipped with Samsung's high-end Exynos 8895 10nm processor, which enhances performance by 10% and uses 20% less power compared to the previous generation. A Mali-G71 GPU, which delivers a performance increase of 50%, provides you with a smoother gaming experienceiv. The Meizu 15 Plus comes packed with 6GB RAM and up to 128GB internal storage, whereas the Meizu 15 features 4GB RAM. The Snapdragon 660 SoC provides the Meizu 15 with more than enough power to push you through the most resource-intensive tasks.


Faster charging, improved durability

The large 3500mAh battery of the Meizu 15 Plus utilizes our new mCharge technology. It can charge your battery to 54% in just half an hour with its 24W quick charge functionv. Together with Flyme's smart background management system, charging your phone is fast and efficient.

Stereo speaker

Incredible surround sound experience

The Meizu 15-series features a sophisticated dual-speaker design. With speakers on the top and bottom, maximum volume has increased by up to 80%vi, all while providing an unequalled stereo sound experience. No matter whether you're listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, the Meizu 15-series offers fine and rich sound reproduction.

Flyme 7

Better than ever before

New colors, clean animations and improved interactions all contribute to subtlety and enhanced smoothness of our UI. Flyme's upgraded One Mind AI system understands the users' needs, and greatly improves your overall experience, making Flyme 7 our best operating system to date.

Smart haptic feedback

Our engineers went through great lengths to fully understand the feeling of pressing a physical button. This is exactly what our linear vibration motor simulates. We've developed a set of haptic feedback features specifically for the Meizu 15-series. No matter whether you're taking photos or typing text, our improved haptic feedback makes it all the better.

Faster and quieter

The haptic feedback of our linear vibration motor is more sensitive and quieter than ordinary vibration motors. It responds within milliseconds and can vibrate on over a thousand different levels of intensity.

Independent pressure sensor

The home button of the Meizu 15-series features an independent pressure sensor that precisely identifies the level of pressure applied and outputs corresponding interactions.

20-megapixel dual-camera
with great low-light capabilities

1.55μmLarge pixels
1/2.3 inchLarge image sensor
f/1.8 Wide aperture

The ultra-large pixels, ultra-large image sensor and ultra-wide aperture substantially increase the light absorption by the camera module, maximizing performance in low-light situations.


The use of OIS in the Meizu 15-series reduces blur caused by shaking. Along with the slower shutter speed, photos taken in low light are clearer than ever.

Multi-frame noise reduction

Noise has always been an issue that mostly affects photo quality in low light. The Meizu 15-series comes equipped with the highly acclaimed ArcSoft image optimization algorithm and multi-frame noise reduction technology to control noise and deliver crisper photos.

Up to 3x lossless zoom

The MEIZU 15-series supports up to 3 times lossless zoom, allowing you to capture portraits or scenes in the distance with minimal degradation in image quality.

Upgraded portrait mode

The wide angle telephoto lens, coupled with an upgraded bokeh algorithm, delivers a softer and more natural effect when capturing portraits. Gradient bokeh and new beauty modes allow for even greater versatility when shooting portrait photos.

Borderless edge-to-edge display

We've redesigned the metal bezel and cover glass. The Samsung Super AMOLED display sports an ultra-narrow bezel of 1.175 mm

Compact, yet powerful

In order not to sacrifice the user experience of an edge-to-edge display, we overcame several technical difficulties and developed a new fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the round home button. Despite its size, the new fingerprint scanner features extraordinary processing speed and accuracy.

0.08sUnlocking speed

Symmetric design

Hidden in the gaps at the top of the Meizu 15-series are its sensors and receiver. This design choice reflects Meizu's passion for simplicity and elegance. No additional openings are required, making the device perfectly symmetric. We've also included our signature notification light, implemented more stylishly than ever.

Stainless steel and aluminum structure

We've put a lot of thought into improving the metal body without adding additional weight to the device. In the end, we implemented a sophisticated stainless steel-aluminum composite design. The unique metal design of the Meizu 15 is finely tuned for lightness and comfort.

Stylish comfort

Through rigorous testing and countless trials, we discovered that the optimum width for single-handed usability is about 72mm. Based on this information, we set the width of the Meizu 15, and shaped its arc to make it fit in your hand perfectly. Combined with its custom grip, the Meizu 15 is a true joy to use single-handedly.