Good times of youth

Simple Comfortable Healthy

One-piece design with curves ,
stays true to its nature

Meizu's backpack is a breakthrough in the style of conventional cloth bags, and personifies our pursuit of minimalism and the beauty of clean lines. The front is formed by a piece of precision tailored cloth that is ingeniously folded to create a half-covered pocket on each side to deliver both convenience and a sense of wholeness. Void of any decoration, the product is elegant and simple without any conventional patterns to add unique fun to your travel.

Say goodbye to heavy loads and go further

Meizu's backpack smartly distributes the weight on your shoulders to let you go comfortably further. Its carrying system adjusts based on the buffer support structure of human body mechanics. The specially designed 6.5 cm thickened part-press shoulder straps reasonably and evenly allocate the weight on your shoulders. Plus with honeycomb-shaped net cloth, the straps are ventilated to be cool and comfortable even in the summer heat.

Specially designed for mobile storage

The unique covered design makes the backpack look small and portable, but its capacity is beyond your expectations.
You can easily store a week's worth of clothes. Equipped with three storage areas with different depths and six ancillary functional partitions,
the backpack can accommodate various items ranging from a 15.6-inch laptop to a mobile stylus for quickly finding and using whatever you need.

Friction and sweat, no problem!

Only after performing flawlessly over the many ups and downs of travel, can it be deemed a great backpack. The external material is PVC coated high-quality oxford cloth from Taiwan that makes it stronger, water-proof and durable. Additionally, high-temperature cationic dyeing ensures that the color remains natural and will never fade.

Color fastness against friction
Level 3 to 4

Pulling strength
25 to 35kg

Take painstaking care for every detail

The good reputation of great backpacks rests on attention to detail. We carefully selected the famous Japanese brand Nifco's buckle, which enables the 0.7kg backpack to hold around 40 kgs. Moreover, intensive sewing with 7 stitches per inch makes it stronger and more resilient to guarantee that it accompanies wherever you go for a long time.





CapacityLarge enough for a 15.6-inch laptop and more

Shell fabric100% oxford cloth

CleaningWipe with a wet cloth and dry in a ventilated place

Executive StandardQB/T 1333-2010

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