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New-generation MEIZU Earphones EP2X

New-generation MEIZU Earphones EP2X

The latest EP2X overshadows all predecessors in design, acoustic quality and characters.

Quality audio with a streamlined aesthetic

The Meizu EP2X Earphones adopt a new streamlined cable design with ridged curved contours leading perfectly to the earbuds, breaking free from conventions of straight lines –– inspired by music and rhythm.The new curved design not only creates more space in the sound chamber and assists the sound entering your ears, but also makes the earphones comfortable to wear, shaped to fit your ears more closely

Exceptional quality

The chamber exterior is suitably made from PC + ABS to make the earbuds smooth and shiny while keeping them dirt-free and scratch resistant. They are made from high quality elastic rubber, which is comfortable to wear and has outstanding sealing properties to reduce leaked sound. The vent in the earphones is for decoration and ventilation, creating a sense of distance for human voice, making it deeper to strengthen the bass frequencies, and enhancing the tone. We have gone to great pains to choose the right materials and construct the best earphones so that the classic Meizu EP2X Earphones will bring you long-term satisfaction.

A 14 mm world, unparalleled

The built-in diaphragm is made from two materials combined together.
The speaker diaphragm utilizes a Japanese biological fiber paper which is highly rigid, guarantees fidelity, and reduces vibration segmentation. The edges of the diaphragm adopt a smooth TPU material to increase its elasticity.
The free edge design integrates two materials to make the sound both hard and soft and enhance restoration of sound elements for an original sound experience.

Neodymium iron boron drivers for brisk sensitivity Driving dual rear chamber reverb

High density neodymium iron boron magnets are used in the dynamic drivers for improved transient response, guaranteeing high sensitivity and sufficient power output. The sound performance is smooth, clean, and crisp, delivering high frequency detail that is clear and fine. The original dual rear chamber design allows for effective increase in rear chamber capacity, producing strong low frequency space and dynamics for an immersive surging bass experience. Triple band balance for an ultimate high fidelity sound for all genres of music.

Take your music with you

This 32Ω+105dB high sensitivity bass impedance design works for any device including phones, computers, and MP3 players. Simply plug it in. The cable does not easily wind and is easy to retrieve. These earphones are simple to wear and can be used anywhere, so that music never leaves you and can be part of your everyday lifestyle.

User-friendly controls

Integrated controls for volume adjustment, music play, and calls High blind control recognition, simple and quick one-hand control High purity OFC conductivity, effectively increasing the signal output Elastic Kevlar fiber cable for easy retraction External TPE layer that is soft yet tough, does not easy get into knots, and is easy to retrieve The design of the cable effectively increasing the auditory experience

*These earphones can be used for Android and Apple devices. The in-line controls support most mainstream Android devices.


Bright white, Pearl black
Outer shell
Cable length
Net weight
Dynamic coil
Driver diameter
105±3dB at 1kHz
Frequency range
20Hz - 20KHz
In-line controls
Three buttons
Microphone output sound pressure level
Note: All the data on this website come from tests conducted at MEIZU’s labs and may vary to different degrees under various circumstances.