Listen to the music of your life

The creation of sound is an art. Meizu's audio engineers value the uniqueness of each melody and strive to render even minute details and changes of it.
A limited frequency provides richer emotional expression. Meizu has been already 15 years at the forefront of audio technology means that every time you listen to music, you are taken on a journey of sonic artistry.

Meizu LIVE. Ingenious for sound.

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Hear the shape, see the sound

Meizu LIVE earphones feature an ergonomically-engineered design. The wrap-around structure prevents auscultation effects while balancing stability with a snug fit, making it usable in different occasions. Meizu's designers also made a bold choice in applying unique transparent case combined with a metallic body, revealing the interior components in a complete structure what allows you to "see" the sound.

True sound with Knowles Quad-Driver

Using Knowles high-resolution moving iron for the sound units, and equipped with two custom-made heavy bass units to enhance the low frequencies, and a mid-frequency unit and a high-frequency unit to enrich the details and layering of those frequencies, Meizu LIVE earphones deliver incredible live sound.

Precision engineering, accurate reproduction

In order to achieve better audio performance, Meizu LIVE use a complex internal structure with a highly optimized three-way circuit. The tri-band convergence is brilliantly accurate and captures precise sound dynamics. As a result, the overall sound quality is full and balanced, especially when rendering human voices.

Dual-channel audio system

The Meizu Live have a carefully-designed split-type audio transmission structure, utilizing a moving iron subwoofer and mid- and high-frequency moving iron units with independent metal sound tubing to achieve superior sound separation and imaging.

Your voice, your choice

Professionalism and dedication. We offer three unique nozzle replacement kits for Meizu LIVE
for three different sound qualities: balanced, bright and full.
With a varied parameter up to 4 dB, you are able to find the style that perfectly suits your music.

OFC wiring
for clearer sound

Meizu LIVE supports MEMS microphones and utilizes an 8-core braided silver-plated copper wiring core. A low impedance (<0.4 ohms) and solderless design ensures better sound penetration and enhanced expressive ability of details.

* Wired control supports the play/pause, volume adjustment, track switching, and call functions on mainstream Android phones. (The volume adjustment function is not available on iOS devices).

Detachable cable
for true music lovers

Meizu LIVE was made for real music lovers with universal, interchangeable MMCX coaxial connectors which are used in most of high-end headphones. They are compatible with a vast majority of N monocrystalline copper and monocrystalline silver wiring on the market, and we also offer special LIVE-designed wire.

* Meizu MC-5N upgraded wire will be available for sale soon

Varied sleeve specifications

Additionally, Meizu LIVE offers seven types of earplugs in four different sizes. All of the earplugs are made with a high-quality inert rubber that offers outstanding soundproofing.

Powerful IPX7 protection

A high-strength waterproof case provides IPX7-rated wind and rain protection while the sophisticated nozzle storage kit reveals rich attention to details.

Meizu LIVE Specifications

  • BrandMeizu


  • Frequency Range20 Hz ~ 40 kHz

    Impedance18 Ω

  • Weight (Including Cord)27 g

    Cord Length1.2 m


    Jack TypeBent

  • Output Power3 mW

    Sensitivity97 dB @1kHz