Display distinct personality through affordable luxury

Well tempered steel fits your wrist perfectly

Meizu's light and intelligent quartz smart watch uses 316L steel for its case, dial, watch hands and strap. It's resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and wear, and its smooth elegance combines hard materials and soft design.

Stylish sapphire design

Sapphire has a hardness of up to 9H, second only to diamond. It's scratchproof and shockproof and can withstand high temperatures. You won't be disappointed.

Swiss movement

Meizu smart watch uses Swiss movement, which is known for its long history and exquisite craftsmanship. The watch combines smart watch functionality and long battery life with traditional movement and precise time.

Never miss an important call or message

Meizu light intelligent smart watch fits snugly on the wrist. It vibrates and blinks when there's a call, short message, or message (QQ, WeChat, Dingding or Sina Weibo) so you don't miss anything. The clock can also be set up with schedule notifications.

Every step you take is trackable with the
step counter function and multifunctional small dial

Its high-precision sensor can monitor your steps and calorie consumption during exercise, and record and display daily activities. When switched to the small dial, you can choose what to display, e.g., the week's exercise with the second hand. Switching between modes is also super easy.

Finding your phone with your smart watch

Misplace your phone? A simple key press will prompt your Meizu smart watch to call your phone.

phone watch

Lasts up to 240 days and waterproof up to 30m

Meizu smart watch is powered by a battery which can last up to 240 days, so daily charging will be a thing of the past. It's waterproof up to 30m - but you can't take it in the sauna.



240 days


Different kinds of straps for different moods

How about a leather strap when sipping a coffee, the steel strap for business meetings, and the colorful nylon strap for running at night?
Straps show the different you.

  • Solid steel strap

    The steel strap is 316L steel, which is wear resistant
    and rust proof as well as elegant.

  • Colorful braided strap

    The nylon braided strap is comfortable and bright to
    show a bit of flair.

  • Italian leather strap

    High-grade Italian leather is always comfortable and stylish

  • * The data above is from the lab and may vary slightly in real life.