Elegant and fresh
A most attractive mobile power supply

The design is inspired from a simple aesthetic from antiquity. The classic Asian elements of gray-and-white are combined together with an exclusive two-segment design in a golden ratio. Meizu's mobile power supply is simple and understated. The special frosted transparent polymer adds translucence and makes it easy to grip. It feels good and the exterior curve hugs the streamlined curve of your palm. No matter the time and place, Meizu mobile power supply will give abundant and reliable power with a safe and fast-charge cycle.

mCharge bidirectional fast charging
Easy to fully charge 10000 mAh capacity

Meizu mobile power supply (fast charging version) uses Meizu's mCharge technology and supports bidirectional fast charging. With the fast charger, it takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge a 10000 mAh capacity battery. The charging speed is 60% faster than the industry average of ten hours.


10 hours is the industry average.

3.5 hours using the M10.



* The above data was obtained under laboratory conditions. Actual values may vary according to actual situations.

ATL imported electrochemical cell

Meizu chooses the internationally well-known battery supplier – ATL, to provide the cells for the Meizu mobile power supply. Compared with the common 18650 electrochemical cell, the size of the ATL electrochemical cell with the same capacity is 30% smaller and is 20% lighter. The ATL electrochemical cell is blast and fire resistant and can also prevent power leakage. The select electrochemical cell ensures product quality from the ground up.

The powerful rapid output can charge a mobile phone 25% in 10 minutes

It only weighs as much as one phone and has the capacity of four mobile phones. A fully-charged Meizu mobile power supply can charge the MX5 mobile phone for 2.5 times, iPhone 6s for 4.5 times, and the iPad mini once.

  • 2.5


    Charging for MX5

  • 4.5


    Charging for iPhone 6S

  • 1


    Charging for iPad mini

*Input: 5–12 V, 2 A (max);  Output: 5V/9V, 2 A (max)

*Charging is optimal used together with the original MX5/PRO 5 charger.

* The above data was obtained under laboratory conditions. Actual values may vary according to actual situations.

Intelligent power distribution, flexible charging when you want it

The adjusted device recognition technology improves the compatibility of the Meizu mobile power supply. It can properly support fast-charging Android devices such as Meizu and Mi. The embedded intelligent power distribution chip can also dynamically adjust current in real time. It can be used for IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad as well as other smart devices.

Exclusive dual-layer molding injection process

Meizu mobile power supply adopts an exclusive dual-layer chromatic injection molding process with carefully selected inks for color. The brand-new ink formulation and coating technology has further strengthened the anti-wear, anti-scratch, and long lasting capabilities of the mobile power supply. Meizu's dedication to quality is ensures you perfection in each tiny detail.

The board conversion rate is higher than 93%
The charging temperature is relative low

The Meizu mobile power supply uses a Texas Instruments high-end IC chip. With sophisticated circuit design, the power supply features a board-end power conversion rate higher than 93%, and more than 10% higher than the mainstream industry standards. The power supply features highly efficient charging and outputting more energy with the same capacity. In addition, the temperature of the mobile power supply is below 50 °C during charging which makes it safer than other power supplies.

11 safety measures, and 88 quality inspection processes

ESD protection

Input overvoltage

Output overvoltage

Intelligent output

Input overcurrent

Output overcurrent


Charging time

Abnormal tempera-
ture protection

Battery overcurrent

Output anti-backflow



Model M10 Electrochemical cell type Lithium-ion polymer
Weight 235g Battery capacity 10000 mAh
Color offwhite Related capacity 10000 mAh
Dimensions 143.5*75.6*17.4 Number of electrochemical cells 2
Enclosure material plastic/frosted translucent plastic
Pump Express
Fast charging protocol MTK Pump Express Fast charging time 3 hours 35 minutes
Input 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A Common charging time about 6-7 hours
Output interface single-USB output Theoretical conversion rate 93%
Output 5V/2A, 9V/2A

* The above data was obtained under laboratory conditions. Actual values may vary according to actual situations.

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