MEIZU M20 power bank

Fashionable Colors
Fast Charging Upgrade

24W mCharge, quick and easy

The mCharge fast charging technology has been improved. The maximum charging power has been raised from 18 W of the previous-generation to the current 24 W, improving the total output power by 30%. The maximum input power can be up to 18 W. Working with a fast charger, the mobile power bank can be fully charged within only 3.5 hours. Charging and discharging acceleration shortens the waiting time and offers a more convenient experience.

*It complies with fast charging protocols of Qualcomm and MTK.(The above data represents test results from MEIZU's lab. Data may vary under different conditions.)

Bright colors
Offering another way to express your attitude

While the classic medium gray color has been kept, the new magenta, grass green, navy blue colors are added to highlight features of the minimalist design with a strong sense of order. Rich colors bring more pleasure to your life throughout the different seasons.

Button control and full awareness of remaining battery capacity

The LED star indicator provides three modes to display the remaining battery capacity.

Strictly selected materials to meet the most demanding quality requirements

Safety is always our first priority. The precision manufactured housing can protect against high temperature, fire, and impact. The imported battery protection IC, along with the superb circuit design, enables the battery to boast a power conversion efficiency higher than 93% on the main board. The high-density polymer battery cell can not only resist explosions and fire, but also prevent power leakage. Careful material selection and constant pursuit of excellence will make you feel at ease while improving the charging speed.

Safety, the core feature of a mobile power bank
11 safety protection measures and 88 quality inspection processes

  • ESD protection
  • Input overvoltage protection
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • Intelligent output identification
  • Input overcurrent protection
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Charging time protection
  • Temperature abnormality protection
  • Battery overcurrent protection
  • Output
    anti-backflow protection


Product name
MEIZU two-way fast charging mobile power bank
Battery cell
Lithium ion polymer battery
10000mAh 38.5Wh
5-9V/2A 9-12V/1.5A
5-6V/3A 6-9V/2.6A 9-12V/2A
Rated energy
5-6V/29Wh 6-9V/27Wh 9-12V/27Wh 9-12V/24.6Wh
Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C
(Above data represents test results from MEIZU's lab. Data may vary under different conditions.)