MEIZU Smart Body Fat Scale

——Helping you stay in shape

Record and enjoy your moments of progress

MEIZU Smart Body Fat Scale records your body's inner changes every day, so that your effort and progress are clearly visible.

Explore inside: No one knows you better than you

12 scientific checks to precisely monitor and record your health data from multiple dimensions

  • Weight

  • BMI

  • Body Fat

  • Body Muscle

  • Body Hydration

  • Body Bone

  • BMR

  • Visceral Fat

  • Subcutaneous Fat

  • Protein

  • Body Age

  • Real-time Testing

Ergonomically designed for your comfort

The aspect ratio is optimized for the most common type of foot, with the input of more than 100 engineers.

Clear and transparent to the finest detail

The sleek and stylish form factor hides the unit’s screws from every angle.The four corners are perfectly rounded at an angle of 25 mm for optimum body comfort.

Clear and transparent to the finest detail

Embrace a better life with increased ease and relaxation

The white, minimalist design and weight of 1.36 kg lets the scale easily match any decor equally at home in the living room or bedroom.

As slim as a notebook: unrivalled light weight and stability

The 18/20 mm ultra-thin body comes in close contact with the floor for easy storage and to prevent the scale from flipping over.
The 6-mm 3C-certified tempered glass is break-resistant and guarantees a robust bearing capacity.
The slip-resistant TPU feet ensure that the scale sticks well to any surface.


A green and energy-saving gadget right under your feet

The large screen size is optimized with the font width 25% larger in the display area, enabling you to read figures without having to bend over.

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The customized MEIZU Fit system is easy to use

Smart user recognition for use by all family members.
A wide selection of measuring units to meet various requirements.
Measure as you go: automatically connects and uploads data to your mobile phone.

Note: Keep your feet dry when measuring. People who wear medical instruments are not recommended to use the product. It is not recommended for pregnant women to use body fat measurement.

Faster Connection Lower Power

Powered by the Dialog Bluetooth chip, the scale can be activated in just a second. The negative-display screen provides clear readings.Running on only two AAA dry batteries, the energy-efficient body fat scale considers both your experience and the environment.


  • Measurement Accuracy: 100g
  • Power Supply: 2pcs AAA dry batteries
  • Materials: Tempered Glass+ABS
  • Standard: Q/IHCB 01-2014
* Note: All the data on this website come from tests conducted at MEIZU's labs and may vary to different degrees under various circumstances.