Meizu Traveling Bag

Set out while you're young

To simply support your travels

Designed with a minimalist style, the one-piece tailoring skillfully hides joint lines to present a unique, seamless appearance. Nothing takes away from its simplicity.

One-piece tailoring
Boneless design

Travel light

This bag only weighs as much as one bottle of mineral water, but has the capacity for 38 bottles, allowing you to depart anytime with enough clothes for two weeks and experience a better world.

0.8 KG super-light net weight
38 L hiking-bag-level capacity

Journeying together in the wind and rain

Processed using water-proof and scratch-resistant techniques, the product will not fade even in high temperature and easily adapts to varied travel conditions. Thanks to the no-clean design, a quick wipe can refresh the bag no matter how much time has gone.
* Water-proof and scratch-resistant coating No-clean technology

Share a heavy burden, and stand out with detailed design

After thorough material selection, elaborate tailoring, and attention to details, Meizu's travelling bag shares your heavy burden on every journey.
* Customized metal buckle, soft felt handle, hanging belt for trolley luggage


  • Meizu Traveling Bag
  • 100% oxford cloth, PVC coated on the bottom
  • 66.5×39.5×19cm
  • About 0.8 kg
  • Wipe with a wet cloth and dry in a ventilated place
  • QB/T 1333-2010

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