Thinner body

Stronger performance, bigger battery, better camera and faster Internet connectivity, etc. All realized in an easy to use form, as it is easy to add things up.How did we make the device thinner while meeting all of these requirements? We started by rejecting several mature and proven plans, then adopted a special custom camera module, and utilized the internal space enough of its body through continual structure adjustment.The MX4 was trimmed down to 8.9mm.

Uncompromising grip

A bigger screen does not mean poorer handling. This was achieved by slightly extending the curve of its four R angles. Then the metal frame was treated with cutting-edge sand blasting and a tailor-made frosted back cover.When you hold it in your hand,it feels soft and smooth like jade.

Better looking with a bigger screen

Making the fullest use of its internal space coupled with a 2.6mm super-narrow bezel, we've attained a screen-to-front-panel ratio of 79% on MX4, which is near the limit for smartphones. To balance the design we specifically made the upper and lower spaces of the front panel symmetrical.

Craftsmanship in every detail

While most cameras look green from the outside, ours is blue. From every angle, the camera looks serenely dark blue to perfectmatch the rest of the MX4.Furthermore, to keep the device design pure, we've added more fine Fresnel lens grains on theflash.This makes it consistent with the round camera in style, and the flash is brighter yet softer.