A display as advanced as the MX6

As a part of our philosophy, whenever we develop a new device, we strive to use the best available components in every category. The display of the MX6 is no exception and features a set of cutting-edge technologies for the best possible viewing experience.

  • TDDI
  • Full Incell
  • 1500:1 contrast
  • 85% NTSC color gamut


The MX6 is our first phone to use TDDI technology, which results in an improved image quality while extending battery life due to lower energy consumption. Another improvement is the new display chip which integrates both touch control and display control in just one chip, which leads to an even lower power consumption.

Full Incell screen

For the MX6 we used the newest revision of Full Incell display technology, which consists of a 2-layer touch control system coupled with optimized touch control components for highest control precision in games and apps.

Real-time dynamic image adjustment

The display of the MX6 uses an improved real-time dynamic image adjustment technology, which automatically adjusts contrast and saturation based on the surrounding conditions. This guarantees a clear and readable display throughout the entire day.

Eye protection mode

Blue light is not only harmful to your eyes, but it can also affect your sleep quality. Therefore, we decided to develop a new eye protection mode which features a smart blue light filter with adjustable strength and activation times. It can reduce blue light emission by up to 68% to protect your eyes and ensure a good sleep even after prolonged use of your device.