Content Redefined

Ubuntu provides a new way of enjoying content and services on your phone.

Ubuntu's scopes give you related content on one screen, instead of hiding it behind different apps.

New Scope
New Vision

Ubuntu scopes serve up content in a unique way that free you from the traditional all app grid. Access everything from movies to music, nearby attractions and social media without having to go through individual apps.

  • NearBy

    Discover what's going on around you – from restaurants and bars,
    clubs and concerts to transportations to get you where
    you're heading.

  • News

    Latest news from a range of different sources – use the
    settings within this scope to create a tailored newspaper just
    for you.

  • Music

    Listen to music from your library, download tracks from
    7digital or catch the latest gig with Songkick.

  • Today

    Kickstart your day with all the essentials, including your
    reminders and tasks, recent messages and calls, weather
    and news headlines for the day.

Beautifully Designed Features

Ubuntu Phone has been designed with obsessive attention to detail. Form follows function

throughout, from the ever-changing welcome screen to essentials like messaging and

alarms. The Launcher puts it all at your fingertips, whatever you're doing with your phone.

Exynos 7420,14nm CPU

Samsung Exynos 7420, the chip used on the Meizu PRO 5, is the first mobile chip applying the 14nm FinFET technology. For the dual quad-core

 seamless cooperation of the A57+A53, its basic frequency reaches 2.1GHz. In the deployment of advanced HMP (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing) 

technology, the core can be deployed intelligently based on the amount of tasks. Thanks to this chip and the pertinently

 optimized Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 OS, the PRO 5 is definitely a smoother and more efficient flagship in your hand.

Ubuntu Store

The Ubuntu Store is growing every day. Although apps like WhatsApp, Google+ or Candy Crush aren't here

yet, you can get many others such as Telegram, HERE Maps, Cut the Rope and web apps like Facebook and Twitter.