Exynos 8

The new generation Samsung Exynos 8, when compared to the standard ARM® Cortex®-A series, features better performance and lower power consumption.

The Samsung SCI interconnect architecture can efficiently connect different modules of the processors with lower data processing delay and higher operation efficiency.

Furthermore, the second-generation 14nm FinFET semiconductor technology balances power consumption and performance perfectly, enabling the M1-cores to work stable at 2.6GHz high-frequency. All while maintaining low power consumption.

Regular mode

In everyday use, four performance cores operate at 2.3GHz, balancing load to achieve optimum energy efficiency.

Turbo mode

In high-load conditions, the two 2.6GHz M1-cores are automatically enabled, to provide better performance.

Mali-T880 MP12

The Exynos 8 processor is not only equipped with the new M1-core, but also with 12 GPU cores, providing a performance improvement of 300%. At the same time, tasks are split over multiple cores to increase efficiency and thus reduce power consumption. Together with the 2nd generation 14nm process, body heat is also reduced.

LPDDR4 丨 UFS 2.0

The PRO 6 Plus features a flagship processor with a flagship storage system. This includes LPDDR4 RAM with a frequency of up to 1833MHz and UFS 2.0 internal storage with a bandwidth of 1.4GB/s. All of this results in higher reading speeds than ever before. Furthermore, there's no extra load time or frame drop. You can enjoy a smooth experience whether you’re a gamer or a 4K film lover.

Battery life

Second generation 14nm FinFET process, a more power-efficient GPU and an optimized version of Flyme means that even when power is running out, mCharge fast charge technology allows you to recharge within the time that it takes to make a cup of coffee. Amazing power and long-lasting endurance.

  • 1.「Standard Cortex®-A series」refers to Meizu's initial schemes.
  • 2.「300% performance improvement」is in comparison with Meizu phones from last generation.