Stronger Than Ever


Everyone loves surprises, but it's not just the specifications that will exceed your expectations with the Meizu PRO 6 Plus. With the upgrade to a Quad HD resolution, we also improved the screen's brightness, color reproduction and contrast. The new AOD (Always-On Display) feature enables you to check the time, date and battery status easily.

  • 5.7


  • 518


  • 103%

    NTSC color spectrum

  • 600cd/m²

    Maximum brightness

  • 10000:1

    High contrast

  • 2560*1440

    High resolution

Attention to detail

The PRO 6 Plus has an exquisite micro-arc design and a redesigned body curve which takes over 30 steps and 150 hours to craft. All of this includes unique details such as the CD line camera, ring flash and minimalistic antenna design.

Exynos 8 technology

The Exynos 8 processor enables the PRO 6 Plus to run any large-scale or demanding applications you'll throw at it. With a frequency of 2.6GHz, the Exynos M1-core is combined with efficient SCI Samsung architecture and a powerful 12-core GPU. All of this is integrated into a state-of-the-art flagship chip.

Fast, precise, durable
Create high-quality photos

The new CD pattern technology allows the camera to take stunning pictures. 4-axis optical image stabilization with ƒ/2.0 large aperture and 6P lens allows PRO 6 Plus to produce brilliant photos at nighttime. The latest generation high-performance ISP image processor also significantly improves color, sharpness and noise reduction in photos and videos.

  • 12


  • IMX386 CMOS

    Sony sensor

  • 1.25μm

    Single pixel area

  • 10-LED

    Circular flash

Latest generation Hi-Fi setup

Aside from including the established ES9018K2M DAC, we once again lead the industry by using the AD45275 chip for low power consumption. The unique XFCB technique enables the PRO 6 Plus to perform exceptionally while being energy efficient at the same time. The PRO 6 Plus has an impressive 180 MHz gain bandwidth and 225V/μS slew rate. This speed and density makes the PRO 6 Plus among the longest lasting devices on the market.

3D Press innovation

Adhering to Meizu's tradition of innovation, we include the popular 3D Press function which can show an app preview by pressing the button. For the PRO 6 Plus, linear gravity calibration was also added.

Fingerprint accessibility

We optimized the fingerprint recognition speed and recognition rate to offer an improved overall accessibility. It can effectively identify the fingerprint in any direction, and being based on Live Finger Detection technology, the fingerprint scanner is more accurate than before.

Live Finger Detection™

Health monitoring

The PRO 6 Plus offers full 360-degree precision in fingerprint identification. With this leading technology, your heartrate can be monitored at 50 times per second. So, with the PRO 6 Plus, you can monitor your health anytime, anywhere.

Heart Rate Detection

Type-C + USB 3.1

PRO 6 Plus incorporates the latest USB standards: Type-C and USB 3.1. The USB Type-C connector no longer distinguishes between which side is up and which side is down, and supports a transmission bandwidth of 5Gbps, which means 1GB of data can be transferred within 10 seconds. The data cable has also been redesigned to support up to 60W charging. We made it more durable and secure by adding an active short-circuit protection device to protect your device against high temperatures and short circuit incidents.

Faster and longer-life battery

We know the importance of battery life and thus we chose expensive fast-charging batteries with a total capacity of 3400mAh. With a lifetime of over 900 cycles, which is about 2 times more than ordinary batteries, we created a surprisingly long battery life because we know it matters.

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