Dual camera for amazing photos

Sony dual-camera

Infinite horizons

A single lens of the Sony IMX386 on PRO 6 Plus would be enough to amaze people, but the PRO 7 aims higher.
The customized dual 12-megapixel camera allows you to record the most beautiful with little effort.
Perfected algorithms and the all-new upgraded picture processing chip are a breakthrough for the PRO 7.

Below photos were shot on PRO7 Plus
Rear dual-camera selfies

Shoot selfies with ease

The combination of a dual-camera and fenêtre display creates greater selfie possibilities.
Careful tuning of beautification algorithms make your selfies look even more amazing.
Your selfies can be immediately shown by the fenêtre display with great clarity.

Front 16MP camera

Four-in-one algorithm

The amazing 16-megapixel front camera reveals every single detail in a smile.
The four-in-one algorithm is activated automatically in dark environments, doubling its photosensitive performance, so that you can shine as always.

Blurring mode

SLR-style blurring with clarity

The addition of a blurring option allows you to enjoy the shooting effects of an SLR camera.
For this option, we selected 75 scenes for special optimization and tuning, so that the PRO 7 can better highlight the subject as the focus that your finger is pointing at.

Enhanced night images

Realistic colors

The color and monochrome combination dual-camera of the PRO 7 allows for stunning night images.
Color is captured by the color lens while the monochrome lens captures detail, significantly increasing quality.
With multi-frame noise reduction algorithms, even a dark environment becomes ideal for shooting. Taking pictures deep in the night is not a problem anymore.

Monochrome mode

Perfect monochrome pictures

The built-in monochrome lens of the PRO 7 brings great detail and layering effects.
Black-and-white photography has never been easier.

Below photos were shot on PRO7 Plus
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