Too beautiful for words

Fenêtre display selfies

Amazing shots

The all-new combination of the dual rear cameras and fenêtre display has created brand-new selfie possibilities. Precise tuning of beautification algorithms makes your selfies even more interesting. You can see yourself on the fenêtre display in real-time, making capturing that perfect smile a breeze.

Fenêtre display wallpapers

A suitable choice for every taste

The fenêtre display comes with a wide variety of customizable wallpapers.
Just like your outfit, you can choose your own style.

Fenêtre display notifications

Free yourself from the hassle

Fenêtre display notifications free you from the hassle of managing all your notifications.
Ignore unwanted reminders while at work, and never miss out on important messages in your free time.

Dynamic fenêtre display

New possibilitiess

The fenêtre display shows you the other side of things, allowing a new form of communication between you and other people.
Vivid and dynamic images instantly bring you closer to others.
Using two screens, your phone is not a boring piece of technology anymore.

Tributes to MP3 mode

A new music experience

[Less is more] Too many options can be a burden.
The music player function of the fenêtre display brings you the music that you truly love,
without any distractions from things around you.