Sony Active Noise Cancelling Chip | 40mm Beryllium Plated Diaphragm
Touch Operation | USB-C Fast Charging | Affordable Luxury Quality

    Selling Points

    • High-end Bluetooth & Noise cancelling dual chips
    • Doubly-fed active noise cancelling
    • Luxury 40mm beryllium plated diaphragm
    • Full layer of cowhide, affordable luxury material
    • Visualized touch operation
    • USB-C fast charging interface

      Escape from Noise, Enjoy Sound in Silence

      Binaural two-way microphones detect noise both outside and inside the ear. Through the working of noise cancelling chip, it emit anti-noise wave in real time to eliminate the noise, bringing you back to pure sound enjoyment.

      • https://cimg2.res.meizu.com/www/202005/video-01.mp4

      Sony Professional Noise Cancelling Chip

      Such an amazing noise cancelling experience is dependent on Sony Professional Noise Cancelling Chip. Combing low latency signal processing and excellent mixed noise reducing, this chip turns real-time pure sound listening into reality. Meanwhile, with high-resolution signal processing function, it provides the basic for digital noise reduction music performance.

        Comparison for Noise Cancelling

        *The above data are measured values in the laboratory. Actual using results may slightly vary depend on specific situations.

            Easy Touch to Switch

            Conforming to user habits, the sensitive touch operation of Meizu HD60 make it easy to operate switching with touch.

            • Swipe up and down: adjust the volume
            • Swipe front and back: switch the songs
            • Double click: pause / play / answer the call
            • Long touch: wake up voice assistant

            Cover the Earmuff and Let Outside Sound in

            Just gently cover the right earmuff, you can quickly switch from Noise Cancelling to Ambient Sound mode without taking off the headphone, which is convenient for you to talk to people or hear what's happening around you.


              Toggle Switch to Change Modes

              Toggle the switch at the bottom of right earmuff to jump between Ambient Sound, Noise Cancelling and Normal modes.

                  Beryllium Plated Diaphragm, Customized and Unusual

                  Meizu HD60 has used superior metallic beryllium material in the double cavity structure which make sound well-modulated. To be more specific, the beryllium plated diaphragm has the acoustic characteristics of light weight, high rigidity and good transient. Customized beryllium plated diaphragm makes Meizu HD60 perform powerful sound at low frequencies, transparent and bright sound at middle and high frequencies, allowing you to enjoy great musical performance and feel the music details.

                    Newly Advanced Wireless Connection

                    Such a great wireless using experience rely on Qualcomm Bluetooth Chip CSR 8675. Beyond fast and stable quality, it concerns more on bringing a wonderful listening experience for every music lover.

                      Brand-new Listening Experience for You

                      For playing the sound with lower distortion rate, purifying background noise as well as releasing ear pressure, Meizu HD60 optimize and adjust the circuit design as well as internal and external structure. With less than 0.5% ultra-low distortion rate, it brings a better noise cancellation listening experience.

                      *The above data are measured values in the laboratory. Actual using results may slightly vary depend on specific situations.

                          USB-C Interface, Fast Charging

                          Newly advanced fast charging technology, future-oriented USB-C interface;

                          Charge 5 minutes to obtain 2 hours of battery life;Fully charge the 900mAh battery only for 1 hour to enjoy 17 hours of wireless noise cancellation listening experience.


                            Aicy is Available at Anytime

                            Hello Aicy, play music!

                            Long touch summons Meizu Aicy voice assistant.

                            Let your hands free from operations.

                            * Support Meizu Aicy, Xiao Ai, Siri, etc.

                              Clear Conversation, Always Online

                              Supports Qualcomm® cVcTM dual microphone call noise cancelling technology. Whenever you're calling on the metro or bus, the annoying background noise can be effectively block out.

                                  Multiple Materials, Distinguished Quality

                                  Selected full layer of cowhide provides excellent breathability and elasticity;

                                  Through pure powder metallurgy technology, the stainless steel structure shines with metallic luster and presents a stable texture; Properly integrated fabric, genuine leather, stainless steel and other materials, the headphone is outstandingly stylish with distinguished quality.

                                    Comfortable Noise Cancellating Experience for You

                                    Wrapped with full materials, the earmuff provides plump feeling and better noise cancellation;

                                    Designed with great care, the head beam brings soft touch and more comfort.


                                      What's in the Box

                                        • BrandMeizu

                                          NameMeizu HD60 Noise Cancelling Headphones

                                          Bluetooth VersionBT 5.0

                                        • Headphone impedance16 Ω

                                          Headphone frequency response range20 Hz – 40 kHz

                                          Microphone sensitivity-42 dB

                                        • Drive unit40 mm

                                          Maximum power100 mW

                                          Headphone sensitivity103 dB

                                        • Bluetooth effective distance10 M

                                          Battery life (Noise cancelling time)17 H

                                          Battery capacity900 mAh

                                        • Meizu HD60 Noise Cancelling Headphonex 1

                                          USB Charging Cablex 1

                                        • Audio Cablex 1

                                          User Manualx 1


                                        * The package contains a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter audio cable to support traditional audio cable solutions. Use it when low battery indication occurs, or it is connected to a non-Bluetooth device.

                                        * Due to current Bluetooth technology limitations, in some scenarios, the sound and picture may be slightly out of sync, which is normal and not a product quality issue.

                                        * The pictures, test data, specifications and parameters presented on this website are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product for all the specific information.

                                        * All data involved on this website are measured in the laboratory. In different environments, the data may be different. Please refer to the actual product.

                                        When enabled, noise cancelling mode can deal with ambient noise of most scenes. However, due to technology limitations, it cannot completely achieve ambient sound isolation. This is a normal phenomenon which is not a product quality problem.

                                        Test data of charging and battery life are averages of multiple samples in the laboratory.