Bluetooth 5.0

8h battery life

Graphene diaphragm

Meizu POP2

True wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Always with you

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Graphene diaphragm
  • Binaural call
  • 8h battery life
  • Touch control
  • Light and Comfortable

A new generation of true wireless POP 2 with fully upgraded performance, is stable and fast, with long battery life, bringing a long-lasting experience.

    Stable and smooth Bluetooth 5.0

    More stable and smoother! The new Bluetooth 5.0 chip effectively reduces the stagnation. Patented antenna technology greatly improves the signal stability to bring you more fun.

      Long battery life enables unlimited listening time

      A small step in POP 2 means a big step in battery life. POP 2 can support up to 8 hours of music enjoyment with a single full charge. Equipped with a charging storage box, it can provide up to 24 hours of battery life, meeting the needs of heavy users.

      • Up to 8 hours music fully charged
      • Up to 24 hours battery life fully charged

      Light as feather

      Each earphone weighs only 5.4g, small and light. Ergonomic in-ear design makes it compact and comfortable to wear, enabling it to stand by around the clock and available as you like.

      IPX5 waterproof
      bring joys
      joy to your life

      IPX5 professional waterproof keeps enables you to have more fun when sweating.

      Graphene diaphragm brings beautiful sound to your heart

      Equipped with Clarity System, the headset uses graphene diaphragm unit, whose better treble extension performance brings out crystal and natural sound, while its solid middle and bass brings out richer detail. The sound you want can be heard immediately.

        Binaural call

        The omnidirectional MEMS microphone with noise reduction technology

        can effectively isolate the ambient noise and make every communication clear.

          Simplified touch control

          One-touch control reduces the pressure on the ears. Either on Android or IOS system, you can wake up the voice assistant with 3 taps.

          • Long press left/right earvolume-/volume+

          • Tap twice left/right earPrevious/Next
          • Tap left/right earanswer/hang up
          • Tap the left/right ear three timeswake the voice assistant

          Open to connect and put back to charge

          The charging box is designed for both storage and charging. There is a double advantage that the headset is automatically turned on and connected to the paired device when taken out, and is turned off and charged when returned to the box.


                • NameMeizu POP 2

                  BluetoothV 5.0

                  Battery TypeLi-Po

                • Frequency Response Range20Hz – 20KHz

                  Impedence16 Ω

                  Mic Sensitivity-38dB @ 1Khz

                • Weight5.4g

                  Distance10 M

                  Battery Capacity55mAh*2 / 350mAh

                • Max Power5 mW

                  Speaker Sensitivity101dB @ 1Khz

                  Power ConnectorUSB Type-C

                  Audio CodecAAC, SBC


                · When the headset is turned on for the time, you need to manually search the headset and pair it with your Bluetooth device.

                · Bluetooth 5.0 transmission speed will be affected by the connected device.

                · Due to current Bluetooth technology limitations, when there are sounds and pictures simultaneously, such as when playing games or watching videos, etc., the sound and the picture may be out of sync. This is normal and not a product quality issue.

                · The battery life data is the average of multiple tests when the headset is set in the music mode, the volume is adjusted to 50%. The headset can be continuously played for 6 hours and 40 minutes to 8 hours and 25 minutes when fully charged. Affected by factors such as system, song mode, volume, etc., the actual battery life may vary. 

                ·Bluetooth 5.0 is limited by technology and does not have the ability to penetrate barriers. When the headset and the mobile phone are over a certain distance away from each other or there is a barrier in the middle, there will be disconnection, which is a normal situation rather than a product quality issue.