Unlock in a Blink

mTouch manages to connect complex and accurate calculations and functions and process them all in just 0.5s! Pressing the stainless steel encircled, sapphire glass home button wakes the mTouch fingerprint scanner. A scanning resolution of 508PPI ensures your your fingerprint will gain access even with a damp finger.


mTouch is All New

Fingerprint recognition is not a new technology, but what we found is that many current solutions had issues that we didn't want MX4 Pro users to deal with, so we designed our own from the ground up. As usual high quality materials, stainless steel, sapphire glass, are combined with craftsmanship that would make a Swiss watch maker blush! Developing the world's advanced Android phone with with front-press fingerprint recognition wasn't cheap or easy, but we're glad we have done it and so will you.

Multi-level Encryption to
Ensure Security

mTouch considers security as a fundamental requirement. We record only the feature code of the fingerprint template rather than any detailed information. The feature code is encrypted using Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) during transmission and the AES 128 algorithm when being stored on the flash chip. The Tiny algorithm decryption code is also encrypted using GOODIX algorithm and saved in the feature code. Multi-level encryption fully ensures the security of fingerprint data.

Hardware-level Safety

The encrypted feature code information is finally stored in the safe zones of ARM TrustZone®. ARM TrustZone® can separate all SoC hardware and software sources and store them in safe zones. Even if your phone is rooted, you can only handle resources in the safe zone.
A third-party app must get Meizu's approval and signature to retrieve the API. The safe zone only provides verification result for apps. Apps cannot acquire encrypted feature code information even after being verified. Under such circumstance, your fingerprint cannot be copied or uploaded.