Far Superior Images than 2K Screens Using Less Power

We have thought higher than ever and increased the resolution of the MX4 Pro to an astonishing 2,560 x 1,536! Using a NEGA negative LCD panel with LED backlight produces pixel perfect images and drastically reduces battery consumption. Cutting edge Panel Self Refresh (PSR) technology keeps the visuals playing longer and energy consumption on par with the screen on the MX4.

Bringing images to life in 2K2560 x 1536
Energy consumption1.05times

Better Performance to Charge Ratio with the advanced 20nm Processor

Consuming less energy, producing less heat but still out perform the rest of the field? Yes, we do like to challenge ourselves! The MX4 Pro uses the advanced 20nm processor, the Exynos 5430. With its independent Mobile Image Compressor this 20nm power house takes advantage of lossless 2K compression for fast, smooth and fun to touch video. It goes without saying that with this much power on tap, the MX4 Pro is a gamers best friend.

True octa-coreA15 + A7
World First20nm

Fast and Secure Access to Your Phone and More

Your finger is the key to an ultrafast online world, but we didn't want just anyone to have access to your personal data. That's why we have introduced mTouch on the MX4 Pro. This fully encrypted security feature will only unlock to your fingerprint, and does it faster than the blink of an eye. The process of pressing you finger on to the mTouch scanner, reading the data and confirming you are who you say you are takes less than 0.5s! And you can even unlock your MX4 Pro with wet finger tips.

More information about mTouch

Hi-Fi Sound

What happens when you take studio quality audio components and place them in the worlds advanced smartphone? The MX4 Pro is the answer! Meizu have a long history in producing high-end audio players and have put that experience and know how to practice. Deep base, beautiful vocals, and zero background interference.

  • ES9018K2M

    Top DAC
  • OPA1612

    A benchmark for
    operational amplifiers
  • Passive Filter

    First in the industry
More information about Hi-Fi

Dual 4G

5 network types and 13 frequency bands allows you to connect to the faster data around the globe. The MX4 Pro supports both TD-LTE and FDD-LTE out of the box and is also compatible with the majority of existing 3G and 2G GSM networks. With LTE downlink rates surpassing 150Mbps, you can enjoy buffer-free HD video, constant online gaming and crystal clear video calls the Pro way.

  • 5 network type
    and 13 frequency bands

  • LTE

    Support perfectly
  • 150Mbps

    download speed
    6 times for MX3

Professional Digital Photography

The MX4 set the bar for what smartphones are capable of, the MX4 Pro continues with the pro level Sony 20.7 megapixel main camera sensor, with super fast 0.3 second focus. The MX4 Pro is so fast that images seem to be caught even before you press the shutter!

  • 2070 megapixel

    Single-lens reflex (SLR) pixel output

  • Super high ISO

    1600 ISO light sensitivity performs outstandingly in low-light

  • 100 fps video shooting

    30 photos per second burst mode

    100 fps video shooting

  • Fast focuses within 0.3s

    Capture memorable or in-motion


  • Dual-color flashlight

    Eliminates distortion in low-light


  • HD 4K video shooting

    Support 30 fps shooting

    Storage and play with H.264

OmniVision OV5693
Better 5 Megapixel Front

We have amazing camera software which can enhance your already beautiful features, and now have a front facing camera to take full advantage. The MX4 Pro comes equipped with a 5 megapixel ƒ/2.2 aperture front camera with Face AE technology for great performance in all light conditions. Couple this with a pixel size of 1.4 μm and you have the makings of amazing selfies.

High Power, Huge Battery

We've worked closely with Sony, Samsung and ATL to produce a battery that gives the better performance over the longer duration. With our power saving 2K display technology, the 3350mAh battery in the MX4 Pro offers over a day and half of usage even with 4G LTE!

  • 3350mAh

    Super capacity