Same process as PRO 5

All-metal headsets are very common. However, headsets with a hemispherical cavity are quite rare. This is because general stamping can compose a cylindrical cavity with a flat bottom. A perfect arc in aluminum must be carved with CNC. In addition, the surface of the EP-31 headset is anodized. The EP-31 headset is also experienced the metal cutting and surface treatment processes, the same as the PRO5 does. In this way, the EP-31 headset becomes a delicate, compact, elegant, and high-quality handicraft.

Ergonomic earmuff and three-section structure

As an in-ear headset, wearing comfort is the most important element in the design. The EP-31 earmuffs are specially optimized in accordance with the ergonomic standards. The inner part of the earmuffs adopts a large-exterior and small-interior structure, which increases elasticity and makes the earmuffs more close to the ears. The hardness of the external materials is 30% softer than that of common silicon materials, and therefore the headset will not forcibly distract the acoustic meatus and cause discomfort. On the other hand, the entire headset, from the earmuffs to the rear cavity, adopts a gradually narrowed three-section structure. The earmuffs cover the edges of the cavity to prevent the metal from contacting the acoustic meatus, thereby avoiding any scratching and pain.

Balanced and elegant toning

Real elegance will not impose their ideas to others. The toning of EP-31 is cautious and restraint, and is committed to restoring original quality and sense of sound. The three-frequency balancing is just right. The low frequency is not shocking, the medium frequency is clean and powerful, and the high frequency is sonorous but not harsh. Therefore, the headset faithfully reflects nice feeling of each tone.

MEMS micro silicon microphone and TPE non-toxic wire coat

The transmitter of the EP-31 adopts an MEMS micro silicon microphone, with a small size and high signal-to-noise ratio. Under normal circumstances, sensitivity of the microphone is not affected by any changes of vibration, temperature, and humidity. The stability is great. The inner core of the headset wire is made of high-purity oxygen-free copper, and the wire coat is made of safe, environmental, and non-toxic TPE materials. When you touch it, you feel delicate and comfortable. The microphone has good elasticity and is not easy to intertwine.

Dreamlike and ambilight packaging

The packaging of the EP-31 headset is brand new. The transparent lid and an arc-shaped box compose an over-half-spherical shape, like a
space capsule, in a sci-fi style. The silver headset is symmetrically placed on white base that is similar to the skin. A bright high-gloss chamfer
is silhouetted against the anodized aluminum, which is ambilight and stunningly beautiful.
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