Well-designed mild curve

When the phone size reaches 5.7-inch, how it feels in your hand is the
main design factor to be considered. For any size change, the phone
body and interface, finger and palm touch shall be considered again.
Except for the static feeling, the dynamic friction with the palm in use
shall also be considered. Combined with the spray quality of phone,
material damping, repeated modification, this mild and elegant curve
can be made to make holding and using it quite enjoyable.

Integrated curved surface glass

The 2.5D curved surface glass is the last link to realize the perfect integration of the complete phone. The elegant curve of metal phone body goes down to the highlight chamfer on the edge from the side edge and perfectly connects with the curved surface edge of the 2.5D glass. This forms an integrated phone that looks like a piece of amber that makes people admire and wanting to touch it.

Newly designed side groove

The pursuit of perfection is not only reflected on the body curve, but also on every crafted detail. We put the volume and power key in the side highlight groove. This inconspicuous modification not only embellishes the entire phone body but also greatly improves the feeling when pressing. The suppleness and gradual feeling during each press is precise and to the point.

New logo
New image, new Meizu

We use a new VI on the PRO 5. The new logo design is skillfully applied in slim capital letters and matched with a smooth and round word angle which is exactly the same as the understated design style of the PRO 5. The new logo is balanced and steady while the font is youthful and welcoming.

Black skin packaging

We designed new packaging for the Meizu series. The whole shape of the packing box is square and the surface is made of a skin-like material to achieve a soft and comfortable hand feel. The PRO 5 word is printed on the black box surface. It is profound, exquisite and shining. When the box cover is opened, the USB Type-C cable will twine around the circular winder. It will be put in the box together with the mobile phone and charger to achieve a tidy and elegant look. It will make you think of the Meizu M8, as the Pro series follows Meizu’s high-end spirit.
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