High-end DAC chip and operational amplifier with
ultra-high resolving power. Accurate and hearty sound

We selected ES9018K2M as the DAC for the PRO 5. The core reason is that it has 127dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio, which can greatly decrease
background noise. The sound details can be expressed thoroughly in the combination of 123dB dynamic range. As a result, you easily hear
the slight drum rhythm at the far end of a symphony orchestra and the nuances of vocalists. At the same time, we adopted the OPA1612
professional chip as an audio frequency amplifier. The common-mode rejection ratio from 1Hz to 80KHz is always kept at 120dB, making
the player system distortion low and resolving power high.

Four pairs of NXP high current transistors
Easy and free

In addition to the ES9018K2M DAC chip and OPA1612 operational amplifier chip, we also added four pairs of transistors with
highest current of 2A to make the open loop current increase by 10 times. As a result, the current driving capacity increased greatly,
the sound output is easier and has allowance, the transient performance is excellent, powerful and accurate and the control force
is powerful. At the same time, we designed the whole main board again and specifically marked out a 6.1% area for the Hi-Fi part
so as to fully spread out the circuit element. The thermal stability is excellent and the distortion and noise are decreased further.

Absorb the essence of a high-end amp circuit
Large sound field for both classical and popular sounds

The amp is needed, if there is excellent performance on the large-impedance advanced headset. The circuit design is more important than
hardware for the amp. The Solo amp by Graham Slee from England shocked the Hi-Fi world because of its ingenious circuitry and excellent
effects; so much so that it is commonly used in the high-end HD 6 series high-end headsets by Sennheiser. We learned this way of thinking
and applied it to the Hi-Fi phone system to make the PRO 5 sound field wide and open. The musical quality is crisp and lively whether it be
classical or pop music, even the AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD 650.

Support the balance line headset
Designed specifically for senior enthusiasts

For the same headset, the balance line headset can markedly improve the sound separation degree. The whole sound is clearer, the sound field is broader, the timbre is denser, and crispness is improved greatly changing the line to a balance line. Meizu first supports the output to the balance line headset on the phone. The 5-pin balance line headset and 4-pin non-balance line headset are compatible in the same headset hole. We have already applied for a patent for this program.

Powerful loudspeaker
Just like the Meizu M8

We remodeled the speaker of PRO 5, and updated the algorithm simultaneously to further optimize on the basis of
the second-generation of the NXP Smart PA. The low frequency is strengthened substantially and the external
sound is powerful. The low noise cannot be added by changing the volume, and the sound is still pure and
accurate without glitches and crackling.
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