Witness a new era through a brand-new lens

48MP + OIS: a new era of human interaction

Remember the surprise and the experience thanks to the amazing dual-lens camera setup!

The Meizu 16s has a brand new 48megapixal ultra-clear sensor, synergistic lens, and ISP algorithm. It’s as simple as hitting the button and being amazed by the quality of the photos. Its new OIS system opens a new world of unlimited possibilities, just take to the streets and snap!

  • 48MPUltimate
  • 1.6μm4-in-1 large pixel
  • OIS4-axis

Work with the lens for the final picture

The computing power of the Spectra 380 ISP is used to the max in the Meizu 16s’ dual-lens camera system.

As soon as you hit the shutter let it run behind the scenes and it’ll calculate the optimal photo, you only ever get the best!

    Night mode has never been this visible, or this beautiful

    The night is too beautiful to be missed out on. A fascinating night experience that outlines the most minute details no matter how dark. Night shooting that looks good, made simple.

      Smart Camera that does the hard part for you

      Night or day your phone shouldn’t be a limitation to the shots you take.

      AI and ArcSoft algorithm combine to create the best image possible; portrait, night, text, animals, fireworks, greenspace, blue skies, and any other scene are perfected as soon as you hit the shutter.

        • Blue Sky
        • Scenery
        • Food
        • Baby
        • Portraits
        • Night
        • Grass

        20MP AI front-facing: timeless selfies and portrait mode regardless of the light.

        Say Hi to a new you! We’ve upgraded our super popular front-facing cameras for the next generation, thanks to our powerful ISP algorithm we’ve managed to bring front-facing HDR+ tech, even in poorly lit environments!

        • 20MPIn the hands of AI
        • HDR+Selfies
        • Portrait bokeh mod
        • Men’s beauty

        Portrait Bokeh

        Background blur

        Facial Recognition 2.0: Your face is the key

        At the flick of the wrist the screen is on and your phone is unlocked; it really is as simple as that.