Meizu 16s Flagship Smartphone

Always Powered by Passion


A modern iteration of a classic design

Continuing our signature Meizu design, the 16s brings a symmetrical full screen experience with a 91.53% screen ratio.

Weighing in at only 165g, the 7.6mm compact body is easy to carry. The three unique colors were all conceived with a story in mind.

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We’ve answered your future self’s performance needs

The full performance of QUALCOMM’s 855 is unleashed, thanks to its advanced architecture and pure power, the Meizu 16s’ performance is better than ever.

When combined with the power of AI, the 16s focuses on deep learning to help understand how ever user uses our phones, answering your future needs, now.

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4800W + OIS: a new era of human interaction

Take everyone’s breath away with our signature double-lens camera system! The Meizu 16s has a brand new 48megapixal ultra-clear sensor, synergistic lens, and ISP algorithm.

It’s as simple as hitting the button and being amazed by the quality of the photos. Its new OIS system opens a new world of unlimited possibilities, just take to the streets and snap!

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48MP+20MPDouble ultra-lens camera
f/1.7+f/2.6Wide angle & telephoto lens
OISOptical image stabilization
Double super Night mode

Take timeless selfies and portrait mode regardless of the light

Say Hi to a new you! We’ve upgraded our super popular front-facing cameras for the next generation. Thanks to our powerful ISP algorithm we’ve managed to bring front-facing HDR+ tech,

even in poorly lit environments! Combined with ArcSoft AI’s software the 16s produces some of the clearest and crispest shots of all.

* Front-facing HDR+ software will be pushed in a future OTA update.

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20MPUltra-small front-facing lens
ArcSoft AIBeauty software
HDR+Ready backlighting
elfie-enhancingPortrait Mode

A new generation of faster, safer fingerprint scanners

Our Super mTouch fingerprint recognition system makes the Meizu 16s one of the safest and easiest phones to unlock.

Our new generation of in-screen fingerprint reads have dramatically reduced the response time and making safe payments as simple as touching the screen.

WeChat Fingerprint Payment
Alipay Fingerprint Payment

Bigger and better battery life than ever before.

Despite the 16s svelte design, we’ve managed to stuff a massive 3600mAh battery allowing you to play your favorite games or watch your favorite dramas on-the-go without ever having to

worry about a low battery notification.And if you ever are low, just charge it up via our 24W mCharge in half an hour!

24wmCharge fast charging

Your mobile wallet is back with NFC!

With the addition of NFC, we really wanted to bring versatility to the Meizu 16s;

travel freely, pay easily, and unlock any door in your way.


Let reality reflect your game

Thanks to our mEngine 3.0, games have never been this fun or immersive. Our unique tactile engine has just entered its third generation, and boy can you feel it.

In any game or situation, the engine will match and correspond to whatever setting or scene you’re in. Feel the difference between weapons in virtual battlefields, and game like you’ve never gamed before.

4D in-game haptic shock feedbacksupported by popular shooting games
Automatic Adaption Algorithmadapt to any situation
Real Sense Algorithm Stimulusfeel every beat
Music Tracking Algorithmfollow the rhythm of your phone

Hear the totality of freedom.

Take off your headphones and listen to music the way you were meant to; freely.

The Meizu 16s uses top and bottom speakers to create a double stereo sound system, with rich details and a wide range of sound. Pitch perfect highs, sweet mids, low bass, a truly transparent experience.


One Mind 3.0 and our ‘Open Source Throttling’ system-level project

The efficient control of power is a key way to increase the 16s’ battery life, and a major area of upgrade for the One Mind 3.0 engine.

Save time, storage, and memory by cutting out background apps that aren’t in use, while making sure that your own experience is unhindered. With One Mind 3.0, let the Meizu 16s do more with less.

Cut off Wake-up 3.0
Smart Freeze 3.0
Process Halt 3.0
Resource Manager 2.0
Memory Saver 2.0
Memory Repair 2.0
Memory Compressor 2.0

Operating System: Flyme just got smarter, and wittier!

Flyme just became easier to use than ever before, despite it being fully loaded with features, let the new assistant guide you and teach you step by step so you can unlock the 16s true capabilities.

Already an expert? Fear not, we’ve jam-packed the latest iteration with tons of new features, be amazed at how far you can push your new device to unprecedent levels of performance.

Dark Mode
Personal Assistant
Game Mode 3.0
Bullet Notification

Crystal clear sound that just makes you want to listen non-stop

The 16s’ integrated decoding amp brings in the high-performance of an integrated DAC chip; bringing in true dynamic range and lower harmonic distortions. At the same time the dual LDO power supplies easily filter any potential signal interference making the sound clear and pure without compromising on power.

With Meizu Hi-fi, have a truly audiophile experience with your cans.

*Meizu 16s’ Type-C data port does not provide an analog signal output, and only supports digital signal output devices such as earphones and amplifiers with DAC (Digital to Analog Converter).

  • 1. Speeds were tested in the Meizu Laboratory (focusing on testing the endurance of the model during games and online video streaming). Actual results may vary from testing situations, firmware versions, test software versions, and real-life use cases.