Tap and Slide
the screen has never felt so smooth

6.6’’ OLED display, custom-built with extremely narrow bezels, 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate.

You can see, feel, and touch the extra smoothness.

  • Customized Super AMOLED Flat PanelThis customized edge screen is crafted of Super AMOLED technology – the unique third generation of MEIZU full screen display. Vivid colors cover every pixel.. The smartphone visual experience has never been so immersive, so hi-def, so close to reality.
  • 90Hz Refresh Rate90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz sampling rate make every touch exceptionally fluid. Feel and see the fluidity and smoothness with every swipe.
  • SGS Eye Comfort CertifiedOn a hardware level, radiation of harmful blue light is reduced by 37.5%¹. It looks good, as well as comfort your eyes at the same time. MEIZU always cares for your eyesight.
  • Super mTouch In-Display Fingerprint ScannerYour fingerprint is the password you will never forget. With the latest Super mTouch in-display fingerprint scanner, it only takes 0.15² second to unlock your phone. Raise your wrist and tap, to unlock or pay a bill is all in one go.
  • Screen-to-Body Ratio92.2% ³The charm of OLED is presented in ultra-high screen ratio, making for total screen immersion.
  • RetinaColorRetina-level color display, bringing the world’s lush and vibrany colors to your phone screen
  • Contrast Ratio2000000:1⁴Ultra high dynamic range, every pixel is clear and sharp.
  • Brightness700nitClearly visible eveneven under sunlight.
  • Night modeDarken the User Interface to make visuals easier for your eyes.
  • Eye comfort modeSwitch to warm color in a click, bringing extra protection and comfort for your eyes.

Stunning Industrial Design The perfect balance of aesthetic, structure, material, and craftsmanship.

50:50 balanced body weight embodies the concept of “symmetrical balanced design” as well as the precise arrangement of the internal structure. The admirable next-generation machine engraving electroplating technique blends 23 layers of colors into a 0.6mm glass. It’s delicate and fancy. The feel is not metaphysics but real science.

AG glass technique
integrated with advanced machine engraving electroplating

Lively colors, delicate feel.

The advanced machine engraving electroplating blends 23 layers of colors, with a sense of quality and high-end texture. Combined AG etched glass technique and the re-adjusted anti-fingerprint layer into the same surface, so you won’t leave fingerprint smudges with a great in-hand feel.

0.5 degree arc offset, G3 curvature

Dazzling Design, Colorful Match

AG Fantasy Unicorn
combined the advanced AG (anti-glare) etched technology with the dreamy color, when light meets shadow, the fantasy unicorn will wake up, roaming across the realm of misty sky.
Pine Ink
extract ink from pine- the color is delicate but not heavy. It's a natural color, fulling with the charm of ink.
17 Degree Grey
50 degree grey is too dark, 17 degree grey is just about right. With a hint of coldness, this color is calm, elegant and appealing.

Data, connectivity, transmission
The new era of 5G is just one tap away

Our mSmart Link technology brings ultimate 5G connection performance. It can automatically and intelligently switch from 4G to 5G, for faster speeds and more energy efficiency. Wi-Fi 6, all-pass network, network switching, full-function NFC…The combination of hardware and software is flawless, making the network experience exceptional. Connectivity, always online.

mSmart 5G

System-level 5G scheme, equipped with all-around, multi-layer optimized capabilities, which not only makes connectivity

faster and more stable, but also has incredible power-saving performance.

  • Speed
    faster than ever, say no to lag
    • Base station prediction:quickly identify 5G network by geolocation.
    • Signal detectionSupports 5G & 4G cellular network signal
  • Save
    Power saving mode
    • Network Smart Switchquickly switch between 4G and 5G according to different usage scenarios
    • 5G AI power saving engineestablish personal behavior model based on deep learning.
  • Stable
    Everything is under control
    • Commute modePrevent 5G signal unstable in subway or high-speed railway train.
    • SIM Smart SwitchIntelligently switch to the SIM card with the best network connection.

Wi - Fi 6

World’s leading Wi-Fi 6 protocol has amazing connectivity performance, higher transmission efficiency

and lower latency – this is only the beginning.

  • Three-channel connectionconnect to 2.4G WiFi, 5G WiFi and 5G cellular network simultaneously. Three-channel network pushes your maximum download speed up to 4151Mbps⁵ - always online, minimum interruption.
  • App Smart ShuntFrustrated by high gaming latency when running background downloads? 17 assigns individual network interface for each APP. Enjoy stable and fast connection.
  • Wi-Fi 6 hotspot sharingTurn your phone into your mobile「5G CPE」, share your Wi-Fi network is just this convenient.

Intelligent private network

Connect to different VPN or regular networks in different scenarios. When you enter campus or office,

it will automatically connect to private networks with ease,keeping you connected.

360° Smart Surround Antenna

Say goodbye to weak signals. Six antennas form a 360° closed-loop system. Answer a call with one hand or

play a game with both hands, the signal is always stable and strong.

Fully-functional NFC

Support eID card and smart card-swiping. One step closer to smart life with a swipe. You can even swipe cards when your phone is off, battery not a concern any more.

  • eID cardInput your ID information to make the phone your ID card, no wallets needed.
  • Smart-swipingToo many cards in your phone? Don’t panic. MEIZU 17 can intelligently and automatically switch to different cards by detecting scenarios. Transport cards for buses, and access cards for home.
  • Swipe without electricityEven your phone is off, your phone is still your card. Without waking up the screen, just swipe and go.

64MP Quad-camera System
Express yourself by recording

The upgraded CMOS, coupled with ArcSoft and MEIZU’s industry-leading algorithms, have better imaging effects. 64MP

and Flyme’s professional AI optimization technology renders photos with vivid details. Majesty awaits.

64MP Sensor
Large CMOS has more to do

The 64MP sensor on SONY IMX686 records more details, captures more light, and with the ISP algorithms,

you can take vivid pictures of everything.

Portrait Mode
More attention in focus

The professional depth-of-field camera brings excellent bokeh effects for portrait shooting.

By calculating the depth-of-field distance, it’s easy to highlight characters in the photo.

The imaging is outstanding, even in front of a professional SLR camera.

The professional depth-of-field camera brings excellent bokeh effects for portrait shooting. By calculating the depth-of-field distance, it’s easy to highlight characters in the photo. The imaging is outstanding, even in front of a professional SLR camera.

118° Wide-angle

With the 118° wide camera, the frame is wide enough for group photos or magnificent sights.

Whatever you like, put then all in one shoot

With the 118° wide camera, the frame is wide enough for group photos or magnificent sights. Whatever you like, put then all in one shoot

2.5cm Macro Camera
The closer, the more incredible

This professional macro camera is also capable of taking 2.5cm macro shots. Every detail is vivid.

Explore new dimensions hidden behind tiny details.

This professional macro camera is also capable of taking 2.5cm macro shots. Every detail is vivid.Explore new dimensions hidden behind tiny details.

Premium Performance

MEIZU 17 is powered by the new generation of Snapdragon 865, as well as the UFS 3.1 flash memory chip. Along with the OneMind 4.0 and superior rendering engine, the performance is unprecedentedly incredible!

Snapdragon 865

Upgraded Kryo 585 octa-core chip improves CPU performance and efficiency by up to 25%⁶.

Adreno 650 GPU also achieves 25%⁷ performance enhancement. It supports up to 8GB of LPDDR4X memory.

With such amazing computing ability, whether multi-tasking or running a next-generation games,

all can be handled smoothly and easily.

UFS 3.1

Compared to UFS 3.0, UFS 3.2 brings significant improvement - faster speed, lower power consumption, faster installing,

loading and file transfer times. A perfect match for 5G.

OneMind 4.0

The system-level optimization makes the hardware even more powerful. Compared to the previous generations,

the brand new OneMind 4.0 enhanced the performance by 37%⁸ while reducing the write latency by 55%⁹.

Always keeps a high screen refresh rate thanks to the new rendering engine - the screen never feels so smooth.

Brust rendering engine

stable screen refresh rate at 88~93Hz¹º, graphy rendering is rapid and smooth.

Battery life

With Super mCharge, it only takes 30 minutes to charge 45% of the battery. Plug in your phone and wash up in the morning, and leave the house with enough battery power to handle intensive tasks through the day.

Video & Music Entertainment

Third generation dual linear speakers, mEngnie 3.0, brand-new game mode, all make 17 the best choice for entertainment.

  • Third Generation Dual Linear Speakerall-round surround sound makes the sound effect spatial and ambient. Immerse yourself in the world of music.
  • eEngine 3.0the smart touch engine adapts to more usage scenarios. It simulates the real button, which gives you an accurate vibration feedback in every clip. In the full screen era, the mechanical feeling is so fascinating.

Flyme 8, Smarter and Faster

Flyme’s largest upgrade to date: brand new Alive Design, intelligent assistant Aicy, game mode 4.0, picture-in-picture 2.1 and the powerful performance improvement…The new Flyme 8 is better looking, simpler to use and full of surprises in every tap and slide.

  • 1. The blue light filter data is based on MEIZU lab, for reference only.
  • 2. The fingerprint unlocking data is based on MEIZU lab, actual result will vary because of environment or screen protector, please refer to actual use.
  • 3. The screen-to-body ratio data is based on MEIZU lad, for reference only.
  • 4. The contrast ratio is based on MEIZU lab, for reference only.
  • 5. 4151Mbps is the theoretical peak value. The data is based on MEIZU lab.
  • 6. Compared with the previous generation Kryo 485 CPU. The data is based on MEIZU lad.
  • 7. Compared with the previous generation Adreno 640 GPU. The data is based on MEIZU lad.
  • 8. OneMind 4.0 is enabled by default and the performance is improved by 37%. The data is based on MEIZU lad.
  • 9. OneMind 4.0 is enabled by default and the latency is reduced by 55%. The data is based on MEIZU lad.
  • 10. The burst rendering engine adopts new render approach, which reduces the fps fluctuation greatly. The data is based on MEIZU lad.