3D Press Floating Press Touch
New-generation Man Machine Interaction

Meizu is a pioneer in developing new technologies and first applied multi-point capacitive touch screen technology in China in 2007. In 2016, we introduced 3DPress (even more exciting) to the Android camp.

Sensors beneath the screen can performhighly-precise monitoring and calculations of finger movements at a frequency of more than 100 Hz to capture subtle pressure changes. The optimized internal linear vibration motor can realize multi-level micro-vibrational feedback and using with different vibrations, notifies users ofthe current status. This makes using
the Meizu PRO 6 a most stimulating experience!

A Familiar and Exciting Press

The 3D Press technology can recognize and respond to all finger presses. 3D Press will preview almost all app information without opening it. You can press and hold a navigation hyperlink in the browser to read the latest news and press it again to land on the news page.

Quick and Accurate Flexible Preview

  • You can preview the web page before deciding whether to go tothe webpage.

  • SMS Preview

It is a hotkey
It is also a shortcut

PRO 6 borrows the concept of traditional hotkeys. You can use 3D Press to complete a cold boot of the camera and take a quick selfie. You can also use it to start the timer. 3D Press is a one-button solution for multi-step tasks.

More than ten hotkeys offer an inexplicably pleasing experience

  • Settings

  • Telephone-Phone

  • Mobile Manager-Security

Meizu 3D Press Break Limitations

The PRO 6 represents a new high point in technology. Every press on the screen triggers more than 100 precise calculations in one second. The multi-level micro-vibrational feedback technology can interact with you by making a corresponding vibration. Linear values, real-time collaborative process and vector calculation algorithms among various sensors have been optimized and upgraded. The seamless collaboration between the Flyme client and the PRO 6 brings you new-generation multi-mode man-machine interaction and offers a completely new interactive experience. The PRO 6 is Meizu’s most advanced mobile phone!