Beauty is Power

Innovative touch technology, excellent single-handed usability,
great components and high speed internet make the Meizu PRO 6 light and powerful.

3D Press
A new way to interact

3D Press is a brand-new way to interact with your phone. Different from the traditional clicking and flicking gestures, the Meizu PRO 6 can register differences in pressing force on the screen in real time and then call the corresponding preview results and hotkey functions. This technology not only improves the operation efficiency, but also makes more interactions between human and machine possible. Furthermore, the 3D Press technology also brings you tactile vibration feedback in addition to visual changes.

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Outstanding Meizu-customized 10-core processor

The brand-new Helio X25 processor adopts a revolutionary 10-core 3-cluster architecture. The Cortex™-A72 CPU and the Mali™-T880 GPU complement each other perfectly, resulting in an Antutu score of 101757 points. With eMMC 5.1 flash memory and ultra-large 4GB RAM, Meizu PRO 6 can easily handle all situations. Meizu PRO 6 is also integrated with the kernel-level power-saving algorithm. It can intelligently switch between three clusters to balance endurance and performance.

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  • 10-core

    tailored processor

  • 3-cluster

    intelligently switch

  • ultra-large

    4GB RAM

  • eMMC 5.1

    flash memory

Pursuit of perfection

PRO means the vision and courage. The Meizu PRO 6 adopts a brand-new design language and pursues the beauty of curvature. It has a purer metallic body and comes in three colors: silver, gold, and black. The ring flash is unique. Being fresh and amazing without losing heritage, everywhere of Meizu PRO 6 reflects Meizu's relentless pursuit of perfection.

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5.5th generation Samsung panel
5.2-inch 1080P AMOLED screen

Using single handed usability as basis, the 5.2-inch screen achieves a great balance between display quality and power consumption. AMOLED independently controls each pixel, resulting in improved battery life. The Meizu PRO 6's screen is clear and bright. Its color reproduction is uniform and consistent. One glance and you’ll be amazed.

Thin and sharp, small but universal

Despite the thin 7.25 mm body, the camera still performs well. Meizu has customized the main camera module of the Meizu PRO 6, optimizing the entire structure design. The IMX230 from the PRO 5 is used. The upgraded laser-assisted focusing greatly improves the focusing distance and speed. With the help of the ring flash, the camera performance of Meizu PRO 6 in weak light conditions is further improved.

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  • 21.16


  • 4X

    laser focus distance

  • 0.07s

    phase focus

  • 10X

    annual flash

Turn Your Finger into a Key

mTouch symbolizes a mobile paying experience with convenient fingerprint recognition. It integrates the new-generation fingerprint security algorithm of Meizu to achieve further improvement of PRO 6 in recognition speed, recognition rate and security details. Benefiting from optimized design of the structural space, the iconic Home button is completely embraced in the slim body of PRO 6 without compromising any comfy experience of interaction.

12 years of artisan spirit

Meizu carefully considers every design detail to create a more solid body. Meizu has introduced the best injection molding materials and processes to achieve an integrated body with a metal-to-material ratio of 98%. Together with the 3D blasting process, we have perfected each aspect of the Meizu PRO 6. Only this can be called "12 years of true artisan spirit".

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Clean and powerful, accurate and reliable

The Meizu PRO 6 uses the CS43L36 decoding integrated amp chip from Cirrus Logic. This chip has an advanced circuit design that provides excellent dynamic performance. The sound is clean and powerful. This chip can accurately reproduce music as it was meant to be heard. Meanwhile, power consumption of the Hi-Fi module is decreased by 75% compared to the previous generation. Common voice calls can also be processed by this chip. Together with a VoLTE network, ultra-high quality calls become a reality.

A great breakthrough of phone loudspeakers

Meizu PRO 6 is equipped with the third generation of NXP Smart PA system. The advanced chip can sense the loud speaker's status in real time and intelligently control the vibration of the speaker. By fully playing the speaker's performance, the overall loudness and low frequency sound quality sound are significantly improved. The sound is loud and clear, without any cracking. The loud speaker's performance reaches Hi-Fi level and is known as mSound. In addition, the loud speaker can also act as a microphone to achieve various types of high-definition recording.

Type-C + USB 3.1
Transfer 1 GB within 10 seconds

Since USB Type-C has become the standard configuration for the PRO-series, Meizu has integrated the USB 3.1 standard into the Meizu PRO 6. Meizu has redesigned the data cable, which comes with the Meizu PRO 6. The interface reliability is improved by 15%. Using mCharge 3.0, charging via the new cable is faster than ever before.

mCharge 3.0
Fast and Smart

Compared with the mainstream 5V=2A solution, the charging speed of the Meizu PRO 6 is improved by 140%. The battery can charge to 26% after being charged for just 10 minutes and reaches 100% within an hour. By cooperating with MTK and Texas Instruments, mCharge 3.0 supports accurate power distribution. This technology can make three IC chips communicate continuously and cooperate with each other, while dynamically switching between high and low voltage based on temperature and current battery usage. Compared with other fast charging solutions, the efficiency of mCharge 3.0 is 20% better, whereas the temperature is 5 degrees Celsius lower.

10 minutes 60 minutes

Softness contains great power

Flyme 5 is an in-depth customized version of Android. Its UI is elegant and the system is powerful. Rich colors, gentle rounded design and appropriate animation make Flyme pleasing to look at. User-friendly functions such as mBack, mTouch and 3D Press make Flyme easier to use. After a decade of work and updates to five major Android versions, Flyme has become a well-known customized version of Android.