Fantastic Self-Breaking

PRO means proactive and brave. PRO 6 features a new ID style, embodied by beautiful curves and arcs, a more pure metal body, creative selection of colors and a unique ring flash. It combines innovation and tradition while showing our tireless pursuit for improvement and breaking the limits.

What a Smart Cut

Thanks to a breakthrough in antenna technology, wefound an elegant solution to solve the signal problem by cutting the body. It makes a purer metal body, andallowed us to re-design the antenna line curve that is now part of the wholewith edges and four corners that blend into the metal rear cover. With this cut, we do not split the body, but created a compact and innovative geometric work of art.

  • 98%

    Metal-to-body ratio1

  • 182

    design version iterations

Creative Selection of Colors Shows Outstanding Design Experience and Confidence

A colorful design brims with vitality, but can also look gaudy if the designer is careless. This is why high-end tech products tend to choose a single color for safety’s sake. In addition to silver and gold, the PRO 6 chooses black for the first time, showing our rich experience and confidence in metal processing. Every color, cold or hot, perfectly highlights the texture of the metal.

Slim and Beautiful

The PRO 6 is a flagship phone equipped with a space saving 5.2 inch screen. It is also the thinnest mobile phone in our family, at just around 7.25 mm 2. We carefully designed every curve of the body.The 2.5D curve of the glass is heightened, and the polished edges are narrowed to make the PRO 6 even more exquisite and stylish. It’s a joy to touch and a wonderful experience holding the PRO 6 in your hand.

Ring Flash

The beauty of curves and arcs is a key element in our design philosophy for the PRO 6. The straight-line design integrated dual-flash and laser does not fit in. Instead, we put five pairs of double-color-temperature flashes around the laser focus module to form a ring that echoes the curved body. When the light flashes, it looks like a shining eclipse.

Symmetric Beauty

We redesigned the dimensions and position of the upper camera and sensor on the front cover. On the PRO 6, the front camera is symmetrical on the medial axis of the body. We also put the top microphone right in the middle and moved the earphone jack to the bottom. Now, the PRO 6 is visually symmetrical, compact and elegant all around.

  • 1. This means the metal content in the rear cover. The results may vary by different calculation standards.
  • 2. The actual thickness may vary slightly due to fitting allowance and configuration differences.