Antutu Benchmark

  • CPU performance

  • UX performance

  • RAM performance

  • 3D performance

Smooth and Smart

A high score does not mean everything. Instead, the user experience is our ultimate pursuit. The smart Flyme can analyze what apps users use most and solve retarding and frame losses via measures such as in-depth core scheduling and tendering pre-acceleration.

Innovative Three Cluster, Revolutionary Matrix

The three-cluster structure of the Helio X25 is another renovation after the big.LITTLE™ structure of ARM®. It offers more scenario processing solutions for chip-level optimization and help mobile phones balance between performance and power consumption, via dynamic switch-over between different modules according to the task requirements.

Sensor Hub

In the standby status, the PRO 6 will greatly lower power consumption and the Sensor Hub will process the data of various sensors. The creative LifeKit algorithm will take good care of your sports and health conditions.

Core-level power saving, slim but lasting

The three-cluster 10-core structure realizes outstanding power efficiency. Through close cooperation with MediaTek, we built a new core algorithm into Flyme to elevate the energy efficiency by 30% compared to the PRO 5. In the standard Zealer five-hour test, the PRO 6 scored 35%. The remarkable result is attributed to the thousands of engineers of the R&D team.

  • 1. The data does not guarantee the actual user experience. It comes from laboratory test reports and may vary in different environments.