Breaking the Limit and being Unique

Since our first mobile phone, we have continued exploring new metal processing technologies and breaking limits. For the PRO 6, we chose the same light and solid magnalium alloyused for aircraft. After more than 100 strict processes including CNC cutting and carving, PBT nano-molding, 360-degree polishing, 3D abrasive blasting and multi-color anodizing, we scaled new heights and proudly present the unique PRO 6.

Upgraded Nano Molding,
Compact and Elegant Antenna Isolation Technology

To ensure outstanding stability and prevent color fading, we researched all of the suppliers in the Pearl River Delta and final chose the PBT injection molding material. In addition, we introduced advanced electrochemical processing technology on the PRO 6.This creates large, intensive and deep 3D nano coral reef structures on the magnalium surface, thus tightening the cohesion of the metal and injection molding parts.

Exquisite Touch

The PRO 6 production process is innovative in many ways. We spent months upgrading the production equipment, adjusted the blasting speed and air pressure, as well as the position and movement speed of the mobile phones hundreds of times. Thanks to our extensive experimentation, the PRO 6 delivers an unprecedented exquisitely fine touch. Also, the improved anode coating helps create highly-saturated and pure colors. You can easily feel the outstanding texture and enjoy the delightful colorsby merely holding the PRO 6 in your hand.

An Artistic Tour of ann Aluminum Ingot New and Unique Reinforcing Design

We chose expensive full-CNC processing to create a solid frame for the phone with a thickness of just 7.25 mm. We also adopted a unique reinforcing design to increase the plate thickness to over 0.5 mm and introduced advanced nano injection molding technology to largely improve the frame strength and quality.

No Stiff Symmetry
Excellent Touch with Irregular Radians

Designs of simple symmetry are just primary1. A designer who really cares about user experience will take a leap forward. The left and right sides of the PRO 6 are made up of five arcs of different lengths to create smooth edges. To seam straight lines and curves perfectly, we used customized tools and spent twice as long as how we used to in processing the arcs and reaching the precision of 0.01 mm.

Polished and Exquisite at Everywhere

The entire body, including places you may not notice such as the loudspeaker, microphone, SD card slot and ring flash, has been polished and chamfered to deliver a shining and smooth touch. Considering the unique curved frame, we must use an online measurement system, automatic position and dimensions measurement, and accurate processing route calculation for realization.

  • 1. This means designs of previous Meizu mobile phones.