As fast as an eye blink

We have added a new mTouch 2.0 identification chip on the MX5. With the resolution increased by 81%, mTouch 2.0 can collect more information on the users' fingerprint, thus greatly improving its accuracy.

Easier to use, more robust

We have re-designed the MX5 fingerprint sensor. The chip module and key are encapsulated together and are fixed with screws on the support board. More modular design takes durability one step further. The new fingerprint button has proven to withstand 300,000 presses without any problems. We have also fixed a layer of water-proof silicone gel behind the module, which prevents water and stain erosion and makes for a more comfortable experience when you press.

Brand new TEE security environment

mTouch 2.0 is based on the TEE security environment of TrusTonic. Even if a device is rooted, it still cannot get access to the TEE area. Any third party program which invokes the API, it is necessary to pass Meizu review and signature layer. The security area exclusively provides verification results to the application, meaning that a third party app will never be able to actually read your fingerprint.

Note: It is necessary to use your password for recovery reinstallation to clear your data. For reinstallation without clearing your data, your fingerprint will not be removed.

mPay 打通支付宝

除了打通魅族已有的支付体系,mTouch 2.0 已经打通支付平台「支付宝钱包」。现在,你可以用你的指纹来转账,无需紧张账户隐私,也不用担心资产安全,更能省掉一次次输入密码的繁琐。前所未有的保护,一秒付款的便捷,体验支付的未来,仅需你一次轻按。

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